Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When you think you've reached somewhere...its just Grant Road!

I know most of you don't even know what this post is all about, but if you live in Mumbai, India, you might just understand a bit or two.
I live in South Mumbai and travel for work to Matunga by the local train. It's a 20 min journey which has a lot of stops. I walk in to the train and take my seat, take out my iPod. I start listening to my music as its the best distraction from the 20 mins it'll take me to reach work....aah the time. Anyways, 3 songs are over, 12 minutes down the like...with my journey....and you'll think I reached somewhere....somewhere closer to the train slows down to stop at a station, I look out of the window to see which station have I reached.....its just Grant Road, which is like the 3rd station! I still have lots more to go before I reach my destination......

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