Saturday, August 23, 2008

Being KED

You know, there is this voice in everybody's head which talks to you often.....does it?
I thought, I'll give it a name...KED?
So KED and me and best pals, we talk alot, which gives other people ideas that I'm it actually doesnt....coz nobody knows about KED.

You know how when you get your house painted and after a while the layer of paint starts to fall off? Well, you develop cracks at first....So there was I starting to kinda...peel them off...basically rub away the lose paint off....thats when I had this conversation....with KED!

KED: Hey, what the f*ck are you doing?
(arrogant...isn't he?)
Me: Nothing.....just...
KED: Why the hell are you wasting your time rubbing off paint from the wall? Don't you have better things to do in life?
Me: I do...but this is important....
KED: Well...NEWS FLASH does this help, kindly explain....or should I say elucidate...
Me: You see, umm...these exposed parts of the wall will remind me that I need to do something about it....and when I do...I'll know where to start!
KED: Interesting....

1 comment:

Drashti said...

Woah! KED reminds me of you! :P lolz, jokes apart, great conversation.. A lot of us are our own best pals. you've articulated it well!