Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V

They always said that you had your dad's nose and your mom's eyes! It's like CTRL+C and CTRL+V!
It is an important tool for our survival, for our so-called bread and butter with cheesy dip! That notepad you used to take notes from in the library...It's still lying there with your blue ball point pen, laying there on the yellow sheet of the notepad, under the dust.

We all are here to make a point, often it is the same point. We all put the right foot forward while climbing down the stairs, it gives us the sense of security. While handing a sharp object to a person, you always make sure the sharp end points towards you (at least I hope you do!). You always say you don't want other's sympathy, but at some level, you do! You always rehearse your dialogue in front of the mirror before you go out and hand her the flowers you picked yourself!

Simple keys on the keyboard...CTRL.... Learned, passed on, drilled in, evolved, adapted.

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