Sunday, March 16, 2008

Piece and Quiet

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Piece & Quiet.....sounds of silence, the city of dreams!A woman screaming at her 6 year old son to get his butt back home for dinner, play time is over!
Piece & Quiet, when you read that bestseller, 12 months after it was released, and 3 months after it won some book award thingy. You had been waiting to get a piece of the baywindow in your home, that's the reason why you got that special place built, for reading, overlooking the lawn and lake nearby. The feeling of serenity, a divine-ness crawling under your skin, the point won't read, you'll gaze outside the window forever, lost in the beauty. The books will be stacked in the same order that you had put in the first place near the 'reading point'.

Piece & Quiet while eating the most scrumptious and the most delicious Mud Cake, you dear friend got for you, as she knew you like it. You've always liked her, never had the heart to admit it, never took a step forward, just ate the cake enjoying every crumb of it, relishing it as it'll never come again. You walked her home in the moonlit evening, your chance, time for redemption, time to make a move....and you did, make a move...back home.

Piece & Quiet with your pets, barking, sqeaking, screaming etc.
You got them because you were lonely, you needed someone who could snuggle up to you. A Boa Constrictor does that too! That rocking chair with a car purring on your lap, as you smoke into the silence. You're 60!

A little bit, A little Piece of Peace and some Quiet!

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Nachappa (Niki) said...

I did all those things in the post except that i dont smoke. But u make it look almost fanatastic. I know the feeling.