Sunday, April 12, 2009

Are we moving on to different social media with time?

The answer is ...Probably.
I still remember my undergrad days..where we used Yahoo Groups alot to communicate! It was something that we needed at that time so that we could put updates of our upcomin assigments, pass on important messages, having weird discussions! It was high in utility and less time was wasted....since the group was public, spammers drove us out...

By then we were all registered users of Orkut and created a similar group for our functional purposes.

Orkut caused a revelation amongst us, with scraps, testimonials, messages...and what not...I still remember one of my friends was on a mission to get as many scraps as he could...we used to call him Scrappy Doo...lame..but relevant! Of course the sentence "I want to make frandship with you' was coined on the scrapbooks of orkut as predators were looking to find some flesh over the net through this portal! Nothing really could beat Orkut....sites came up....went down...are still trying to co-exist! 

Orkut was a good way to reach out to the friends, who you've not spoken to in years....there is a debate on this though...People believe that if they really wanted to keep in touch with ppl...they would...they can just call...why is there a need for social media? Any answers?

Facebook came in with it's swanky look and just swept a major portion of the traffic....the 'cool' ones were on facebook....the 'uncool' downmarket ones wanted to be they got aboard! Aah..I slowly noticed at least from my cirle of friends, People started using Facebook mainly because of it's privacy options....which meant no more random 'frandship' requests!

Twitter with its mundane idea of 'what are you doing' is slowly catching up...infact i'm addicted to it!

I see a lot of people moving on from one social networking site to other...and maybe never looking back!

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