Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where's Garfield?

interesting....normally this question is meant for Waldo.....
Waldo.....you don't know Waldo? Its that guy with round specs wearing red and white striped cap and t-shirt, who hides behind stuff in a massive crowd of....what ranges from Vikings to Pirates to a Circus full of people!

Anyways...its not about him....its about Garfield....we all know him, the fat orange cat who is in love with lasagna and loves to sleep all day! Well Jim Davis, who is the creator of Garfield, who also shares his birthday with me...heheh......gave a recent interview and mentioned that he loves Garfield Minus Garfield...if you haven't seen it...do check it out! It really goes deep into Jon Arbuckle's character on how he is such a schizophrenic boring individual and proves that his life without the 'fat cat' is boring!

Well check it out for yourself....

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